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Make a CV

Your CV is your trademark. It is for you to decide what it should look like. Our hints and recommendations will help you to choose the right format and understand what information you should include.
Coherent structure of a СV makes it more convenient for reading. As a rule a CV should not be more than 2 pages long, including the description of your work experience and responsibilities. The content should correspond to the requirements of the position you apply for: if you would like to apply for several vacancies it is better to make different CVs to highlight different points.

A typical CV includes following sections:

1. Personal information and contacts
, including:
• Name
• Date of birth
• Contacts: phone, e-mail, etc.

Here you also may note your marital status and expected earning level.

2. The aim of your CV
It is good to include the name of the position you apply for in the beginning of your CV, after your personal data.
For example: Aim of CV - getting the position of PR-manager. In addition to that you can list your requirements to the future job.

3. Education
In this section background education is noted. For each place of study you should write:

• Period of education
• Name of the institution
• Faculty/profession/degree

4. Additional education

If you have certificates or diplomas of additional education you should also include it into your CV. If you have additional skills and knowledge it not only characterizes you as a determined person but also enhances the chance that a potential employer will notice your CV and invite you for an interview.

You can first describe your work experience and then- education or vice versa. It depends on what you would like to emphasize.

5. Work experience
In this section your places of employment for the last 5-10 years are listed (beginning with the present place).
for each place of employment you should write:

• Period of work
• Name of the company
• Name of your position
• Main achievements

In addition to that you may note business sector a company operates in, number of subordinates, results of your performance, reasons why you quit. Here you also can note places of employment during school. In case if your experience does not suit the position, you anyway should make a point and highlight the duties that can be useful for the position you apply for. For example, you have worked as a client manager and apply for PR-manager. You should note your communication skills that helped you to implement your project. Then the employer would understand that you are able to engage advertisers to accomplish a task.

6. Additional information

This section includes your knowledge of foreign languages, PC skills; driving license (category).
Here you can also tell about your personal and business skills that are important for the position. As a rule, the description of a vacancy includes the qualities and skills a candidate should possess. If you have them, you should say about it in your CV.

7. Recommendations
If you have recommendations, in your CV you should note names, positions, contact information of those who have provided the recommendations. Good recommendations will enrich your CV and enhance your value - as a candidate.

Please, note! The word "Curriculum Vitae" itself is not written. In the heading the name of the candidate is written.

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