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Search through recruitment agencies

If you are a job seeker, it's more effective to use several ways of job search. In which cases should you turn to a recruitment agency?
If you come to an agency, you might get an offer you would never find in other sources, because many companies looking for the staff rely on agencies completely as the agencies are aware of the situation on the market and the personnel have recruiting skills.

An employer company can work with one or several agencies, that is why it's reasonable to send your CV to a number of agencies. Find the information about recruitment agencies on the Internet. Some of them have no specific area, and others work with the companies from one or two business sectors. You can send your CV to our public mailbox or contact us to know who of our consultants specializes in the areas you're interested in.

Even if currently there are no positions available for you, your СV will be kept in our database. And when an employer opens a position, your СV will be there for the company. Still, it might happen in a couple of months.

Please note thatif you apply to a professional agency, it's the employer who'll pay for the services but never the candidate. Unfortunately, there are fraudulent companies (they usually call themselves staff employment agencies) which claim money from candidates for a list of potential employers a candidate will be given. So, please, be attentive! It's best not to accept such offers, as the agencies do not guarantee employment even if you pay. Besides, if you call the potential employers from the list you'll probably be told that there are no positions available, so you'll just waste your money.

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