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Ways of job search

1. "Through acquaintances".

Many companies look for the personnel "through acquaintances". Tell your friends who work in the area you're interested in about your intentions - and it's quite possible you'll find something. Still, this way of job search has disadvantages. First of all, you won't get many offers (if only you don' t care where to work) so you might not get a really interesting offer. Secondly, this method is more efficient if used by professionals with wide network connections. Thirdly, big (especially multinational ) companies commonly avoid recruiting people who were found "through friends". Conclusion: this method has substantial risk.

2. Through the Internet.

It is one of the most popular ways of job search nowadays, because you can find loads of offers on special web-sites. What to start with?

First of all, there are websites for job search such as:

  • www.job.ru, 
  • www.headhunter.ru, 
  • www.joblist.ru, 
  • www.superjob.ru, 
  • www.rabota.ru, 
  • www.jobs.ru

Secondly, special alumni portals:
  • www.career.ru, 
  • www.e-graduate.ru

Field portals with the section: "Recruitment":
  • www.banki.ru, 
  • www.retailer.ru, 
  • www.stroi.ru

Periodical web-sites:
  • www.vacansia.ru ("Vacansia"), 
  • www.rabota.ru ("Rabota dlya vas"), 
  • www.professia.info ("Professiya"), 
  • www.profjob.ru ("Delovoy Peterburg")

Social communities (where you can develop your network of contacts and find some offers.):
  • www.vkontakte.ru, 
  • www.moikrug.ru 


Web-sites of different companies:

  • Sections: "Job" or "Vacancies"

Take your time to carefully analyze the offers you are interested in. If the name of a company is unknown to you, find some information about it on the Internet. Sometimes a company does not write its name - it's a commonplace - especially when a top position is open. But sometimes the absence of the name of the company, unclear offer or absurd promises of getting fast money can be a cheat or MLM. Fortunately, most web-sites which specialize in recruitment have got rid of such offers.Besides, there are many web-sites where you can place your CV and opt in e-mails with new positions open. To do this, you'll have to register (this procedure is simple). Most up-to-date web-sites allow concealing you CV from certain employers - in case if you are still working but want to change your job but you are not ready to tell about it to your current employer (ex, www.hh.ru).
Conclusion: Job search through the Internet is the most popular way of looking for the job which can be efficient, but you should not forget that many employers do not publish their vacancies in open access and often close their vacancies by the following ways :

  • Internal promotion
  • Through internal database
  • With the help of recruiting agencies, career fairs, etc.


3. Through recruitment agencies.

Many companies use the services of recruitment agencies when they are looking for personnel. Don't miss this possibility - probably, there you'll find most favorable offer. For sure, you should understand that companies usually look for specialists and managers with work experience and expertise through recruiting agencies. But if you look at the list of services of a recruiting agency you'll notice a section devoted to temporary staff search. 

Conclusion: Job search through recruiting agencies can be a good chance for you. Besides, many companies completely outsource recruitment to the agencies. It means a good start for you.

4. Direct request to a company.

Some large companies such as Ernst&Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter&Gamble, etc. have their own alumni recruitment programs and are interested in young talented people engagement. Visit web-sites of the largest and most well-known companies in your business sector and look for the section : "For alumni and students" or "Career". There you'll find information about starting positions and career opportunities in a company and how to pass an interview, a test, etc. 

Conclusion: This option is a good start to move up your career ladder. Firstly, it's a rewarding experience, secondly - an experience of working in a well-known company will enrich your CV.

5. Employment centers and trade-union committees in your college.

How can it help you? There you'll find out information about vacancies in the companies your college works with, and get information about coming career fairs and seminars. Such seminars are held by elitist colleges involving employers and recruitment agencies. These meetings are very helpful because you'll know more about current situation on the labor market, about how to find a job and get professional answers on your questions. 

6. Career fairs.

Consider career fair ads held by the municipal government in your city. As a rule, these are events with a large number of participants, where you can get acquainted with employer's and recruitment agencies' representatives, fill up an application form, get information about positions available. There is a large number of vacancies in different business sectors on these fairs: i.e. industrial, trade, administrative, initial and middle management, etc. 



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