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Write a letter of application

Application letter is sent together with the CV. It aims to present you to a certain employer. If your CV gives general information about your experience and qualifications, with the help of application letter you address personally to the HR-manager and concentrate on those personal traits that make your CV special and more interesting for the employer. Your goal here is to make your CV more attractive and get a response.

By the way, application letter is needed only if you contact certain employer. If you communicate with HR- agency, CV without letter of application is enough. The letter should be brief: usually, 2-3 abstracts where you write briefly why you should be chosen as a candidate for this position.

Structure of application letter

Contacts. In the right top corner write your personal data: name, surname, address, phone, e-mail.
Reference. Start with applying to a certain person in the organization. Try to find out the name of the HR-manager or a person who is responsible for recruitment in the company. You can find it out on the company web-site or from the reseptionist. Such references as "To HR- manager" of "To General Manager" stand little chance of success.
Attention! Check carefully addressee data. One missed letter can cost you missed opportunity to get a job. 
Main body. At the beginning write the reasons why you apply to this person and why you want to work with this company. Here you can also mention previous contacts: phone calls, meetings, etc.


"Dear Mr.Black, I met your company representative Mr. John White on the audit conference on 10/01/2009. Mr White advised me to contact you as I am interested in the position of financial consultant. My graduation work is devoted to the problem of IT- technologies in retail business and it is based on the data published by your company."
The more links you have at the beginning of your letter, the better chances you have, and it is more possible that your CV will be reviewed.
After that, write briefly why you are applying for this position. Explain why you think you fit the position and which benefits the company can get from you. While talking about your skills, do not retell your CV, and try to concentrate on the most important skills you acquire for this position. For example, similar experience or training course can be a good pro argument.
Useful tip. Don't be too enthusiastic otherwise your arguments will look like boasting. Try to devote not more than 2 sentences to this topic.
Right here you can show that you are aware of the advantages of the company. You'll kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand demonstrating your competence, on the other hand - showing youг are interested in the company.
Useful tip. Try to be honest and objective. Your possible employer can be unimpressed by fulsome flattery.
At the end of your letter write how to contact you and note that you are ready to answer any additional questions. Last phrase can be traditional: "Yours faithfully, [name, surname]".

Important details.

1. Make your letter personal. Letter of application obligatory should be written for the certain position in the certain company.

Useful tip. Put yourself in the place of your potential employer and decide whether such a worker as you will be effective.

2. Collect maximum information about your potential employer. Examine company web-site, search publications about the company in media and on the Internet. Collect as much data as you can: for instance, position of the company on the market, key performance indicators, information about new products and services, achievements. Your knowledge will help you to better formulate your advantages and show your interest in this position.
"Knowledge is power"
Nathan Rodshield

3. Your letter should be an addition but not a retelling of your CV. It's best if application letter emphasizes the most important aspects needed for the position.

4. Be original. Imagine, there are dozens of other candidates who will write about their good experience and expertise. Try to stand out and highlight special skills and characteristics which are the most important and useful to get the job.
Useful tip. Think, which of your hobbies and personal traits can help you in this job. For example, a candidate on the position of Internet project manager can point out that he/she used to make out a web-site for the fans of his/her favorite band when he/she was a student.

5. Style of the letter. Write briefly, exactly and clearly. Avoid clumsy sentences and heavy chunks. Do not use abbreviations and nomenclature.
Attention! Do not write in pretentious manner. Rhymed quotations or use of many different fonts can bewilder a reader. Your letter should be original but in the terms of business style.

6. Do not forget about style and literacy. Correct all spelling and grammar mistakes, check the style of your letter and use clear format and fonts (i.e. Arial 12 or Times New Roman 12). Your potential employer will make the first impression of you by your application letter. Make it flawless!

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